Diary of an All Star...Game...Again

Not a bad year or so for this guy. World Series champ, Homerun Derby Winner last night, and 3-4 in the All Star game good for MVP honors.
Wake up!
Don't Forget...we can't beat it into your heads enough.
Blalock's 2 out, 2 run homerun wins it for the AL.
This time it counts.

And this time Jon is here.

Before this all starts I want to go on record as saying I think the "This time it counts" thing is a really bad idea and a really bad gimmick to get people to watch. In my opinion this game should be a reward to the players and coaches who were good enough to make it here, it should be all about fun and should have no repercussions on anything to take place afterward, let alone something that has as big of an impact as home field advantage in the World Series. That should be decided by the team with the best record, or perhaps they should hold game one at a neutral stadium like the Superbowl, but this game shouldn't decide it. Granted the last few All Star games have been lame in the sense that the All Star starters play for all of one inning and then the backups come in for like the rest of the game, but on the other hand my favorite moment from last years All Star game was when Torii Hunter robbed Barry Bonds of the homerun and then on his way to the dugout Bonds picked him up as they both laughed about it. They could do that because the game meant nothing. Now there's going to be strategy and whatnot involved so the game will be drawn out. On top of all that we only have one Twin there this year (Eddie Guardado) despite the fact that amongst pitchers on the Twins he's not the best. He wouldn't of even been most people's choice amongst Twins closing pitchers.

Time to start, Jon is asleep

7:00 Sean Connery does an intro combining the lineups with a shameless plug for his new movie. Remember...This time it counts.

7:02 Apparently the first all star game in 1933 was also "in this stadium" by "in this stadium" they mean a stadium that had the same name....kinda.

7:04 Scioscia and Baker discuss how they will actually have to manage the game. They remind us since they actually have to try to win some of the less all starry of the all stars might not make it into the game. Sorry ‘Bout That Eddie

7:06 Barry Zito was picked for the team but was told via phone just before heading to the stadium that Fox felt Roger Clemens would bring in more ratings with all that's going on with him this year, so he was getting Zito's roster spot.

7:10 Lineup time. Half the Braves roster made it here I guess.

7:13 Hey, Gardy is here, I didn't know that. What are the odds he'll get tossed? 10-1? I mean the rate they're going this game could have huge implications on the Twins postseason.

7:14 Eddie just got semi-booed as did many of the players from non-White Sox AL Central teams.

7:21 They are still listing off players. Remember that SNL skit during the baseball strike where you could go on a cruise with striking baseball players? This is starting to remind me of that.

7:22 Some dude sent his son onto the field when they announced him. Cute. Can't these players afford day care?

7:24 ...............

7:27 Holy Crap! Norm MacDonald got a new show.

7:28 They announced Vanessa Carlton was going to sing the National Anthem and she came running out with her cellist. They were caught off guard somehow. They weren't set up at all. Venessa looks very uncomfortable standing there not knowing what to do while the cellist gets ready.

7:32 This time it counts.

7:38 Just about game time, Jon is still out.

7:39 Strike one.

7:41 One out.

7:43 Edmonds singles.

7:54 Second inning. I'm not even watching anymore.

8:05 Edgar Martinez just got hit in the head. The pitcher looks like he wants to crawl in a hole and die.

8:08 The announcer just reminded us that its 8:08 am tomorrow morning in Japan, I wonder if there's any Japanese sites where I can find out who wins.

8:09 The announcer just stole my line...well the jest of it anyway. I write more jokes for these All Star announcers....

8:11 Hardee's Angus beef commercial. Jon (who is still asleep) and I had some of those today. They were pretty good, I think I expected too much. Jon had to use about 300 napkins.

8:12 Jon stirs as Roger Clemons comes in.

8:13 Back to sleep for Jon.

8:18 Jon is up...at least temporarily. Every T.V. in the house has the all star game on...but as best I tell Jon and I are the only ones here. My parents left a plate of chicken and other perishable foodstuffs on the table. I have no idea where they are, that's unlike them, they vanished I guess. Did the rapture just take place? Should I be worried?

8:21 Jon is out.

8:22 Roger Clemons describes how he's enjoying the game so far and how he will miss the all star game since this will be his last. To which the interviewer asked if he would miss the All Star game since this is most likely his last.

8:24 Parents are back I guess there was a big fire nearby. Luckily for the apartment building that was ablaze my Dad was Johnny-on-the-spot with the garden hose.

8:25 Jon is up, and sitting up, maybe for good? It's the bottom of the 3rd, again I'm not really watching, I promise I'll tell you if anything big happens

8:27 1-0 AL Ichiro scores from second.

8:33 So far there's only been 3 hits. Ichiro makes a nice play in the outfield.

8:37 Mmm Chicken.

8:38 Hurray a hit.

8:45 Jon just confided in me that he has trouble "Balancing all the ladies." Apparently he was dreaming during all that sleep.

8:47 Mmmm...Seabiscut

8:49 Todd Helton hits a 2 run homerun 2-1 NL. Remember...this one counts.

8:52 Hey hey, Everyday Eddie is about to come in.

8:59 Eddie on the mound.

9:00 Eddie gives up a hit that goes fair around 3rd before rolling into foul territory. Some idiot fan grabs the live ball. Pandemonium ensues. The umps judge that the 2nd runner probably would have scored so they give him the run 4-1 NL Runner on second.

9:03 Eddie gives up another hit. That guy on second comes in to score. 5-1 NL

9:04 Bonds lines to 1st. Unassisted double play ends the inning. I don't think we'll see Eddie again.

9:15 Sarah is here now.

9:30 Garrett Anderson, who won the homerun derby yesterday, just homered for the AL. 5-3 NL.

9:39 6-3 NL. Andruw Jones homerun. I'm only half watching.

9:42 Amy Grant comes out to sing "God Bless America" in one of those "I don't want to offend anyone" half and half jerseys.

9:49 6-4 NL Jason Giambi hits a solo shot. Jeremy Giambi looks on. He and Venus Williams have really perfected the "Really, I'm happy for you" face.

10:07 6-5 NL. A single scores Garrett Anderson, who got on with a double and was moved to third on a fielders choice. I can't believe you're still reading.

10:09 6-7 AL Hank Blaylok hits a 2 run shot to give the AL the lead. Koskie still should have been there.

10:17 Game Over. AL wins 7-6. Good news for the Twins, one extra game in the dome. What? Oh...they suck? Since when? Oh, nevermind.

-Jeremy Lindgren likes board games more than most people.
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