Nutcan Privacy Information

Personal Information
The only personal information collects is what you tell us. If you leave your name on a comment, for example, we save it to display it later (duh.)

Non-Personal Information automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, Cookie information, and the page you request. You send this to everypage you visit, and really it's pretty much collected weather the person wants to or not. Don't get mad at us.

Nutcan sets a few cookies that exist beyond the single browsing session (which means they donít go away when you close the browser.) One is an ID number to attempt to find returning users. The others are to save your username and password to automatically sign you in later.

Sharing Information never shares any personal or non-personal information with anyone unless forced to by law. (Or unless someone offers a sum of money we feel is enough to buy your soul. The going rate is roughly $300.)