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I'm not saying that I'm the smartest person in the world but am I the only college student who wonders how some of the other students got into college? I actually heard this exchange on my way to class the other day. Keep in mind I was in the middle of the UWEC campus at this point.

Girl: "Hey Brian! Wait up."

Brian: "Hey! What's up? Where ya headed?"

Girl: "UWEC"

Brian: "No, I mean which building."

Girl: "Oh...the science one"

I know lots of intelligent people who didn't get into UWEC, and some who didn't get into college period, yet some how people slip through the cracks baffles me.

You know a movie shouldn't be on TV when the network can't find 4 scenes for the commercial announcing the network premiere that they don't have to edit.

Have you ever sat near a bug zapper and get freaked out by the fact that every now and then there is a zap that lasts a little too long?

Is there anyone quite as vilified as the "Can I talk to your Supervisor?" guy.

My subconscious is quite adept at many tasks, it actually has its own drivers license.

People who use the pseudo-word guestimate piss me off.

I still haven't quite given up the dream of playing in the NFL someday.

Is it just me or do sales people at electronic stores own everything on earth? They invariably at least say they own every item I am looking at. "Oh, I see you are looking at the 1100, I picked that up a week ago and I absolutely love it" some try the somewhat opposite "I settled for a lesser model than the one you are looking at and I've never been happy with it" technique.

The Country Crock Butter Lady has been pregnant like 30 times. Is that healthy? Are they Amish? (Note: the only reason I took a shot at the Amish is there is no way they will see this) (Also note: Yes I AM a huge ass)

I've never actually purchased a hot cake, have you? Come to think of it, what the hell is a hot cake?

Will and Grace are having a baby together huh? I wonder which one of them is setting up the ramp and which one will actually be wearing the skis. Three or four people will get that, everyone else will just think I need "the talk."

That last one sounds eerily similar to my prom night.

What's with internet sites that charge for stuff? Do they not realize there are 65 others sites that do the same thing for free. Who are the saps paying for it anyway?

NBC took an interesting approach with the ER, Mark Greene, death. Usually TV networks are like, "One of these people will die (In the background they are showing the entire cast, then it turns out to be the two bit player who was behind the star in one of those shots), tune in Sunday to find out who." NBC is like, "Dr Greene is gonna die! Come watch everyone!!"

      -Jeremy Lindgren is ready for summer vacation
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