American TV goes for a perfect 7

This was probably one of many couples to not make it through the show Temptation Island II.
Jerry Springer: Smutty to a T, I watch it every night.
The seven deadly sins have been around for a long time. Why is it recently TV executives are turning to them for show ideas? Here are some examples.

Lust: Love Cruise (Fox) A show centered around throwing sexy young men and women on a boat and watching them hook up. You would think Fox could come up with a better show for any day other than Sunday. Well you are wrong.

Envy: Temptation Island (Fox) This show thrives on jealousy and little more. Not much of a story there you say? Well sadly it's been through two seasons already. Couples cheat on each other and then get shown what their significant other is doing with the other singles, a slew of emotions centered around unjustifiable jealousy ensue. (As a side note I would like to point out I used the word ensue without following it with the word kickoff.)

Pride: Fear Factor (NBC) Practice some humility people. I would put this in the greed category but they are competing for such a small amount of money as far as game shows go. (50K) They are competing and doing awful things for nothing other than pride.

Greed: Well....Greed. (Fox) There it is right in the title. This is a game show based around screwing people over for money. A poor mans "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" I wouldn't put Who Wants To Be a Millionaire because unlike greed you can see the question and choose whether or not to take a shot at it. On Greed the group leader puts everyone's money on the line for more of the green.

Gluttony: Glutton Bowl. (Fox) Eating contests move from the county fair to prime time. One guy ate 8 pounds of mayo and another ate 54 cow brains. The worst part about this show was it was impossible to turn away from. Like a car wreck, a horrible bloody car wreck.

Wrath: Jerry Springer. (Fox) It probably fits into many of these categories but it's a television show that brings people on for the sole purpose of letting them go at it. Recently they were made to censor out the punches with "Batman" like BLAM, WHACK, NEWT, and MINT graphics. Between the bleeping out of swearing, the black boxes over the nudity, and the large graphics to block out the fights there isn't much else to see. Ironically I'm watching it while writing this article. I am not a righteous fella.

Sloth: The last one left. Undoubtedly it will be worked into a Fox series starting next season. Perhaps based on my life story.

- Jeremy Lindgren is a sap
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