Yet Another Ramblings

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Dude, stop telling EVERYONE they are your favorite!
Is there a more useless device on the earth than a remote control with no power button?
Have you ever tried to turn off your TV in the dark? The TV is on and lighting up most of the room, but it won't light up the controls 1 inch under the screen. So you run your fingers across the buttons as if they are in Braille looking for a button that feels different. You think you find it, you push it, not only does it not go off but the volume doubled and it's in Spanish.

Would there be a cooler thing to collect than bobble heads of your friends?

Infidelity gets good ratings in our society.

Am I the only person who can't stand Carson Daly? I mean come on, every band can't be your favorite band. Every actor / actress can't be your favorite. He's the Al Gore of late night hosts. Just once I'd like to see him say, "You know something? You suck."

-Jeremy Lindgren likes iced tea
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