The Right to Gather

Yeah, yeah, so find the answer.
"War is not the answer," this may be so, but is the real answer a protest? I think not. An answer is a solution to a problem, but I do not see the nation's problems solved, the only thing I see is a waste of time and resources. As the UWEC protest about Iraq, Bush, and bombs filtered through Davies Center, I saw nothing good come of it. The old "What do we want?" "Peace!" "When do we want it?" "Now!" chant just irritated me while I tried to concentrate on my studies. I mean, that's the real reason why we are going to college isn't it? Yea,Yea, we want to take in the whole "experience" but that just leaves us with intellectuals who talk serious issues just to hear themselves talk. I've been unfortunate enough to actually hear some of these conversations, and I wish I could have that part of my life back. Don't get me wrong, sometimes talking to people in depth about different topics that I wouldn't be able to talk about if I hadn't furthered my studies is very stimulating. But when people are walking over the bridge shouting at the top of their lungs about ethics just so they can have an audience, well I have to grit my teeth and walk a little faster.

So this is a protest; these people along with the people who just wanted to get out of class shouting at the top of their lungs for the already converted to hear.  That's the thing; at least 99.99% of people in the college world DO NOT want a war.  We ALL get it.  War is not the answer, but instead of wasting your voice (and not to mention freezing your asses off) why not brainstorm some ideas and present them to congress?  As hard as that would be, at least it would be accomplishing something.  College is about learning, not about bitching about EVERY LITTLE thing that does not go your way.  SO tuition is going to go up because our state budget is in trouble?  How bout we bitch about that? Blame the new governor who is gung-ho about education but found himself stuck in a corner with no other alternatives but to raise tuition!  Hell yea!  Did you note the sarcasm? Our last governor sold our tobacco settlement for pennies on the dollar just so his bad budget looked marginally better, but hey lets blame the new guy.  Everyone in Wisconsin is affected by this budget crisis, not just self-absorbed college students.  Everywhere cuts are being made.  One of my co writers wrote about this subject and I had to mention it myself.  It just pisses me off.  Our tuition is so low in comparison to other state and private schools.  I went to Luther College for a year and then came to my senses.  My tuition was about $24000/year.  OK, that is mind boggling and I believe now it is over $26000/year.  I pay under $4000 a year (more like $3600) for a better education at UWEC, all from the comforts of my own home.

These issues all link together.  College students feel they need to have their voices heard on all subjects.  It's like Bitching 101 all over campus at any given time.  I'm bitching right now!  It's uncontrollable!  I just don't get it.

Coming back to my main point, nothing was accomplished this past Wednesday afternoon.  All of the protestors however feel some sense of self satisfaction for waving some poster board around.  However, I can guarantee Bush has not changed his mind about the war on Iraq.  If he won't listen to countries, why would he listen to a bunch of young adults in Eau Claire WI?  Maybe I'm missing something, but I'll have to ponder that later because right now I have to run to the Anti Protest Protest.

- Sarah Brovan got screwed on her income taxes.
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