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Ask Nutcan
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Ten questions while watching Letterman.

Let's try this. It's a borrowed concept.

1. Did you go to opening day? Was it killer? Did you get a dog, or a beer? Anything free?

2. Do you consider yourself a devious person. Not like a mass murderer or anything, but rather speeding, drinking and driving, running a yellow, littering?

3. What was your favorite vacation growing up?

4. Have you heard of the Galloway Grille in Eau Claire?

5. What was the last pair of shoes you bought?

6. Who was your first best friend?

7. Do you like camping? Do you like the outdoors at all?

8. Cats or Dogs? Why?

9. Do you think this will be the last snow we get in the Eau Claire area this year?

10. Do you eat breakfast on a regular basis. If so, what?

Try just answering them. Don't ask why, just do.
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face.bmpCarlos44ec - 2079 Posts
04/03/2008 @ 07:54:57 AM
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1. Yes- It was great. Killer? dunno. Two beers, free magnet schedule.
2. Not so much
3. My cabin up Nort
4. No, should I have?
5. Running shoes
6. Raymond
7. Definitely
8. Dogs. Better pets. And 100x better overall.
9. Don't care so much
10. Yes. Oatmeal.

This was tolerable, at the very kindest.
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avatar2345.jpgPackOne - 1528 Posts
04/03/2008 @ 08:00:31 AM
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Carlos44ec Wrote - 04/03/2008 @ 07:54:57 AM
This was tolerable, at the very kindest.

That is because you all are lacking in creative spirit. If you can't formulate it using some symbol I have never heard of, it's just not good enough.

11. How many times a day to you use a Spearman rho.
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vignette.bmpCarlos44ec - 2079 Posts
04/03/2008 @ 08:03:00 AM
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I would have given you a 5nutter if you would have said "y'all" instead of "you all"
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