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A look at Earnings

What does this mean?

Mission Accomplished?

Sweeping laws to change the inequalities?

Forcefully move everyone into big cities?

Men wearing dresses?

My brain can't function under this new set of circumstances.
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fry6beeu9.jpgJeremy - As Seen On The Internet
08/07/2007 @ 01:55:25 PM
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Shocking! It's almost like I said myself that if you compared apples to apples (ie men and women of the same age) the famous statistic (.70 on the $1) starts to go away.

Obviously it's time for men to fight back against our matriarchal big cities.
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vignette.bmpCarlos44ec - 2079 Posts
08/07/2007 @ 03:01:27 PM
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Men still rule in my world... although it is quickly becoming not- so.

Theres a woman here that could sell Left-Wing Liberal Widgets to my Right Wing Christian-conservative mom! (Mom needs no widgets at this time, and please don't call at dinner time)
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