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Internets, The
Internets, The
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Is nutcan destroying Earth?

I don't even know why I am writing this one. In fact I am sure some of you wonder "why the hell does this freak write anything on here at all". I too have been pondering the same question. So through the process of deciding how to vent some of these frustrations, I once again ended up back at nutcan.

Once here, I had to decide what link I was going to use in whatever the hell I was going to write. This is due mostly in part to nutcan's limited capability in allowing "non-platinum" users to create threads. So, I decided upon an article about social capital and what role the internet has played in its health. Since I have let the dog in/out, answered the phone once, and performed other assorted duties, my original thoughts are now somewhat garbled. But, I will try to convey them the best I can along with my usual dose of bad form and punctuation. If anyone is ever stupid enough to pay me to write anything, I always figured they would have an editor. (I also partly blame nutcan for some weird cut and paste from Word feature.)

Back to the social repercussions of nutcan. This article, thats looks like most garden-variety college papers; does at the very least have some interesting arguments. I am part of the first generation of people that have had the opportunity to have their entire adulthood shaped by the internet. I have spent I'd say the last thirteen years browsing forums, communicating with others, and even cruising the chatrooms back when my external modem and AOL were still cool. The internet didn't exist when I went to high school, but within I'd say a year and half or so, it was available. This ability to chat anonymously and intersperse my opinion really leave me feeling like I have a binal thought process.

I'll admit it I am totally hooked on the internet. For just forty-five bucks a month I get access to a wealth of information at no additional charge. This information can be used to find my way, make me money, and in certain cases make me appear smarter or wittier than I actually am. I exploit this gift regularly. At times, in the presence of Packer forums or for some strange reason nutcan; I actually spend more time being socially anonymous than I can afford to. I am purposely nuetral in most communal situations. Although I have been called charismatic, I choose to do it in a very reserved and politically correct manner. Truth be told, you nutcanners and other innomate posters in "my world", probably know my opinion more than most of my closest friends. Having said all of this, I have a few questions. I'll let you guys sort out the answers in your over-analytical style, while your further your mission statement to take over the world.

1) Has the ability to speak anonymously helped or hurt society?
2) Has this trend helped people speak freely, or caused a dumbing down of our social skills?
3) Has anyone else formed relationships based solely on internet communication?
...and finally
4) Are these relationships as valid as those formed socially?

Save the world boys.

EDIT: Dude whats up with the spacing feature of this whole link dealie.
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fry6beeu9.jpgJeremy - Robots don't say 'ye'
07/11/2007 @ 11:53:34 PM
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I've been kicking around an article somewhat along these lines, though more to do with what the internet has done to the discourse in our culture.

In other words I'll keep some of these short:

1) Both
2) Both
3) Technically speaking you could say Sarah and I met online, and I suppose later on "forged" the relationship via instant messenger. Thought the first talking wasn't done by her or I and the first "meeting" was like the next day. (Back when meeting people from the internet was possible.) A "long" while later we started talking online frequently. She was sarcastic and funny, and I, as always, was just too painfully funny and charming to resist. So that was that*
4) It's been 8 years, so I guess so.

*That being defined as a giant, stupid, high school drama-bomb that has only recently begun fixing itself.
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Jeremy messed with this at 07/11/2007 11:53:53 pm
vignette.bmpCarlos44ec - Knuckle Sammich
07/12/2007 @ 11:18:07 AM
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for your Relationships question, my brother and his girlfriend have been together over 6 years and have two great little boys (see them on my myspace page).

It can work
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