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Shoeless Joe Jackson denied reinstatement

Wondering what thoughts, if any, people have on this topic. If I base my opinion entirely on Field of Dreams, it seems like he should be eligible to be voted into the hall of fame. I see one commenter stated that Joe (first name basis) was acquitted by a jury of his peers and the fixers of the 1919 World Series have said he wasn't in on the rigging.
I feel completely the opposite about Pete Rose. He should remain ineligible and stay in baseball purgatory FOREVER.
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jeremy.jpgJeremy - Robots don't say 'ye'
09/01/2015 @ 12:42:53 PM
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I don't know that the HOF votes when he was eligible are relevant. That might be a good point to make were the HOF voters voting on him now, ie, "are you voting for Shoeless Joe, or Ray Liotta?" but I think that is a different matter as no one is asking the commissioner to unban Joe and place him directly into the Hall.

That said, I think for the other aspects of this it is reasonable to take the stance that if those that were closest to it then felt this way, then who are we to argue. If it was as open and shut obvious that he wasn't involved, even by way of knowing about it and doing nothing*, as the "even though he was acquitted of those charges by an actual court of law, even though confessed game-fixers said that he wasn’t in on the plot, and even though nothing that happened in the 1919 World Series would make you think Jackson was in on the fix." implies, then he probably wouldn't have been banned then either.

*Which virtually has to be the case, right? Every player but Joe was propositioned? And even if so most of the team was in on some scheme they were able to keep secret from the one other guy? No "that would have been an easy one to let by...oops"?
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