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Sports Annoyances

I found this rather interesting, especially since I've brought up the concept of indoor fireworks on this site before, as well as the indoor hype men, booth having to do with the Arena Football league, ironically enough. I also am relieved that someone else finds the NBA's in-game music as annoying as I do.
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jeremy.jpgJeremy - Cube Phenomenoligist
06/16/2010 @ 12:51:22 PM
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His point about the wave makes painfully little sense. His argument is basically: The wave belongs on this list, but people who don't do it are worse.

Right, because nothing will stop the use of the wave, thundersticks, the tomahawk chop, and Vuvuzelas like participating in their use, because everyone else is doing it.

Luckily Lincoln wasn't talking to a group of people that disliked slavery, but were ok with slavery continuing, because nothing is lamer than being that trying-to-take-a-stand "hipster".

People don't have to actually stop doing the wave in order for the wave to stop being done, it will just happen someday.
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Jeremy edited this at 06/16/2010 12:52:49 pm
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