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Two women attempt taking candy from (slightly older) babies, fail.

Prosecutors say the women put on masks on Halloween night 2007, got out of a vehicle, shot into the air and held up seven children. They took candy and a cell phone.

Palmer Superior Court Judge Beverly Cutler on Friday sentenced 18-year-old Kendra Butts to seven years in prison.

The woman who fired a shot into the air, 20-year-old Amber Martin, was sentenced to 9.5 years in prison.

What exactly was the cost/benefit analysis process these two broads went through while masterminding this caper?

"Sure, we're risking jail time, and sure those kids are almost guaranteed to have nothing else of value on them, but just think, they'll have upwards of $3.99 worth of candy on them, each."

"I love it, you know what would be even more unnecessary to pull off taking candy from 8 year olds, and would add even more prison time? I'll bring my gun."

"That's perfect, but those little kids still might not be scared enough of two adults demanding their candy, even with a gun. You should totally fire your gun in front of them."

"I love it, multiple levels of unnessesity, each one only serving to increase our odds of getting caught, prosecuted, and tossed in jail for longer. Let's roll, I'll take Spongebob, you scare Dora the explorer."

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