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Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings
Korey Stringer's Widow vs common sense.
Remember way back when when we talked somewhere on here, that I can't find now, about how ridiculous...
By: Jeremy
At: 10:53:49 AM
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Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings
No Vikings Opener on TV?
I dunno how much I want to lay into the 2007 Vikings, but this is sad....
By: Carlos44ec
At: 1:46:00 PM
20 - Last by: Carlos44ec
09/18/2007 @ 7:33:40 AM
Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings
Vikings have a VikeQueen in the throne room.
Good for them.
By: PackOne
At: 9:43:50 AM
16 - Last by: Carlos44ec
06/25/2007 @ 2:57:02 PM