Merry Christmas (yea I said it) Ramblings

12/13/2017 7:56 pm
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Been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately and have had the following thoughts: (more to follow as I delve deeper into my collection)

What if Charles Dickens was a time traveler and A Christmas Carol was actually a warning to Trump?
Tiny Tim could be a representation of kids in the CHIP perhaps. (This movie brings tears of sadness then tears of joy every time I watch any version of it.)

If the Grinch was so bad, how was he a dog owner? (This cartoon gives me the feels too. He hadn't stopped Christmas from coming, it came, somehow or other it came just the same.)

Meet John Doe created fake news, don't believe what anyone else says. However, any news containing Gary Cooper can't be half bad whether it's real or not.

You've Got Mail is right up there as far as movies go for me, but the original Shop Around the Corner is the ultimate. Email can't beat getting a handwritten letter or so says the grandma side of me. A rom-com with a dark side but no bowed legs!

Would it really be so bad for some old man to be Santa Claus? Especially one who understands economics and speaks Dutch? Miracle on 34th Street makes me a true believer.

I've said it many times and I'll say it again. Disney is lucky they own the Henson enterprise because the billion dollar Toy Story franchise totally steals from The Christmas Toy. The least they could do is put an acknowledgment of sorts in the credits. Do toys feel jealously? Ya know, assuming they feel anything at all?

Mankind was my business! Hark people, pay attention to Charles Dickens ya'll!

Is there anyone truly as good as George Bailey? I wonder. Or is he just a pushover? And everyone else is slightly evil albeit less evil than Mr. Potter? My pessimism never completely goes away, even during the holiday season.

A couple of thoughts on Christmas songs, which I am really a big advocate of.

Is the bar set so low that as long as you're good for goodness' sake, you're a-ok in Santa's book? We can strive harder. Don't get me started on the song Santa Baby, probably my least favorite song of the season.
sarah.jpgSarah - How do you use these things?
12/01/2018 @ 08:28:35 AM
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Early this morning while trying to fall back asleep, I thought, yes! I'll write an article about my top ten favorite Christmas movies of all time. I wracked my brain and came up with at least 6 I could write about for said article. Woke up this morning and was hit by deja vu. Hadn't I already written about Christmas movies on the nut? Yes, yes I had and not even a year ago. Yikes, my brain.
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