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07/03/2011 11:16 am
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In response to @DannyValencia19

“I never thought a "Let's go Brewers" chant would break out and be louder than a "Let's Go Twins" chant at our home park!!! Really?!?!”

After witnessing the most heartbreaking regular season loss, I jumped on Twitter to find this from our 3rd baseman. Really?!?!? Indeed. Since I was one of those fans this seemed to be directed at, I felt I should respond and 140 characters just isn’t going to cut it.

A few facts to start off my rant:

Wisconsin is pretty darn close to Minnesota, one might even say they share a border. Is it that surprising that a lot of Brewers fans showed up for the game? This season for the Twins hasn’t exactly been one of their better years. It’s been pretty horrific actually. Combine a ridiculous amount of injuries with some; let’s face it, pretty bad baseball and seeing a loss in person isn’t exactly a way one wants to spend their day. The Brewers have a pretty good record (how long that lasts after the All-Star break, well, that’s a different story (zing!)) and you can see another argument for why there might be a lot of Brewer fans at the game who could and would (with the help of lots of alcohol) be loud.

Valencia is wondering why Twins fans didn’t do a “Let’s go Twins” chant louder than a Brewers chant. As a person who regularly attends Twins games, I don’t think that chant in and of itself actually breaks out all that often, it’s just not something we do. Being louder than a Brewers chant? It’s hardly worth the effort, most Brewer fans are arrogant and/or plain stupid and getting involved in a chant off wouldn’t be productive. Besides, did that really make a difference in the game? Are the fans entirely to blame for this loss? If that tweet is one of the first from a player after such a gut-wrenching game, maybe we should shoulder some of this burden. Maybe the bad safe call at 2nd for Betancourt that would’ve been a 3rd out and instead led to a run in that inning wasn’t part of the problem. Maybe the Twins lack of offensive production after the 4th inning wasn’t part of the problem. Maybe Capps blowing a 3 run lead in the 9th wasn’t the problem. We may never know. Maybe the Twins shouldn’t get the loss at all and it should be added to a 3rd column titled “fans’ fault.”

Twins fans are good fans and you could say a lot of us are die-hards. With the Twins inability to win series and even just games against the AL East (damn you Yankees!) during the regular season and getting swept out of the post-season in their last 3 appearances, maybe instead of insulting us after a loss, they should turn inward. Is the best way to get past a loss to berate your own people and add fuel to the fire for the other teams’ fans? After sitting through that game surrounded by opposing fans, trust me, you don’t need to do this to us, we’ve suffered enough.

Danny’s allowed to speak his mind, but so am I. Maybe the timing of his tweet just twisted the knife of this loss a bit too much for me. In any case, I responded and I hope he doesn’t take too much offense from it. (As if this is going to be read by anyone other than our readers, who incidentally, are Brewers fans…. Oops)

Go Twins!
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