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12/27/2003 4:16 am
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I was going to write an article about who I would vote for if I had a ballot, but I put it off, and now since the actual results will be announced soon (and the fact that the Blog has been pretty quiet lately) I'll post it here.

First, a list of the players who are on the ballot (For more info on the players eligible and election rules go to the Baseball HOF website here.):

New Players on the Ballot: Joe Carter, Danny Darwin, Doug Drabek, Dennis Eckersley, Jim Eisenreich, Cecil Fielder, Jimmy Key, Dennis Martinez, Kevin Mitchell, Paul Molitor, Randy Meyers, Terry Pendleton, Juan Samuel, Dave Steib, Bob Tewksbury

Holdovers from Previous Years: Bert Blyleven, Dave Concepcion, Andre Dawson, Steve Garvey, Rich "Goose" Gossage, Keith Hernandez, Tommy John, Don Mattingly, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Jim Rice, Ryne Sandberg, Lee Smith, Bruce Sutter, Alan Trammell, Fernando Valenzuela

A voter may vote for up to 10 players and, as someone who likes to have things complete, I voted for the maximum 10.

My Ballot:

Bruce Sutter ends up as the 11th man on my ballot, while I believe him to be a Hall of Fame Pitcher, when it came down to Gossage or Sutter for my ballot, I felt that Gossage should go first.
jon.jpgJon - 1000000 posts (and counting!)
12/28/2003 @ 07:24:49 AM
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Without much recent research, I'm just going with guys I know have the numbers and guys I'v heard should be in. here's my list:

Paul Molitor
Dennis Eckersley
Bert Blyleven
Rich "Goose" Gossage
Jim Rice
Jack Morris

Honorable mention goes to:
Keith Hernandez (he's Keith Hernandez)
Jimmy Key (Jimmy Key, are you kidding me? What is he like 50?...if you don't get it, nevermind)
and Terry Pendleton because he was Andrew's number one draft pick in fantasy baseball.

I like Sandberg, but would hold off for a year or two cause some of these guys have been waiting a long time. Although I think he deserves to be there so why not this year...Add him to the list.

Dawson and Murphy have decent numbers and were excellent on RBI Baseball, but I'd have to do a bit more research to give a solid answer on them.
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reign_of_fire.jpgMicah - Even now in Heaven there are angels carrying savage weapons
12/29/2003 @ 01:19:45 PM
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Bob Tewksbury? Jesus Christ why dont we just let in Shawon Dunston cause he had a sign made after his batting average for two years.
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scott.jpgScott - You're going to have to call your hardware guy. It's not a software issue.
12/29/2003 @ 06:18:38 PM
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Molitor is one of my favorite players of all time, and I'm very excited that he is planning on entering as a Brewer. He's 9th all time in Hits and is alone with Ricky Henderson as the only players to have 3000 hits, 500 stolen bases, and 200 homeruns; he is one of only 6 others with that many hits and stolen bases, all the others except Henderson are currently in the Hall of Fame.
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jon.jpgJon - 3321 Posts
12/30/2003 @ 03:09:21 AM
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it would be ridiculous if Tewksbury made it into the HOF. Of course, there's really no need for outrage since he is only on the ballot and not on a list of inductees. Just about every player that plays for any extended amount of time makes it on to the ballot.

You can expect Dunston's name on there in about 5 years.
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question_mark.gifAndrew (Guest)
01/07/2004 @ 06:46:25 PM
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Jimmy Key would get in if mentioning on ESPN SportsCenter commercials gianed induction. Good one Jon!
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