05/14/2007 7:10 pm
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Soccer. Ok, now that 99% of you have stopped reading this I have my target audience. Basically, I just want to plug an online football (aka, soccer) manager called Hattrick. During the World Cup last summer I came down with a severe case of soccer fever and signed up for maybe 5 online manager like games (and a basketball one too, which I basically was bored with after 5 seconds). Within a week or two I was only keeping up with one of them. Why so? It's a large internationl community, you really can choose your level of time invested and still enjoy the game, and you can play as few as 1 game a week and as many 4 (as opposed to some other ones where you can play that many a day, which gets to be way too much). You don't have to know much to get started, but if you want to get into the details there's a wiki and all sorts of opinions and stats and strategies out there to dig into. So if you tolerate soccer at all and you like any sort of fantasy sportsish, team management stuff you should check out Hattrick and sign up for a team. It's free, although there is a supporter option which is pretty cheap and gets you a few extras (main one I use is bookmarks to keep track of players I'm thinking about buying).

If you're interested on seeing my team, use the link above, click on Tools on the left under Menu, and search for team name "backwards bazookas". A link should show up on the right under Search Results. And if you want to see what total domination looks like, click on the link next to Series "VI.116" (yes I'm still in the lowest league in the US, but not for long).
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