Big Papi, Bonds, Steriods, and the Media

05/08/2007 3:33 pm
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So I read this story about how David Ortiz is skeptical that all of Bonds' success is due to steroids, if it's even true to begin with. Part of his argument is that there are supposedly a lot of players using, and that Bonds still pulls away from the pack. He mentions, almost in passing well into the article, that for all he knows he's taken steroids, as he "used to buy a protein shake in my country" which, he points out, really could have had anything in it. His point being, as I interpret it, you never really know, so that even if it is proven Bonds has taken steroids it doesn't mean he did it with the malice of forethought.

Cut to a couple hours later on Yahoo's front page.

Headline: Big Papi coming clean?
Sub Header: Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz tells the Boston Herald he may have taken steroids.

The article then goes on to describe only how he "outs" himself on steroid use. It makes no mention of the "Bonds" context what so ever.

It really makes me angry to see this for a few reasons. For one, while nothing about it is "untrue" it's still a complete misrepresentation of the conversation and in no way shape of form conveys the same "intent" of the comments.

Most importantly, it's gotten to the point where there is so much news out there that in many case people don't "read the news," they really just scan the headlines. The headline, while again not being untrue, is really unfair and quite lame.

Now, granted, in this one instance of media irresponsibility the earth doesn't hang in the balance. It's just a good example of what happens a lot in this era of lazy journalism.

face.bmpCarlos44ec - 2079 Posts
05/08/2007 @ 04:44:27 PM
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good sleuthing, jerm.

I, for one, thought Papi's reactions to being struck out (twice?) during Sunday's game was awesome. Steroids or not, baseball is still interesting (and drama-filled!)
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newalex.jpgAlex - Refactor Mercilessly
05/08/2007 @ 06:35:25 PM
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If you like baseball drama I hope you saw The Prince chug his way to home and make what was probably the best slide ever for a man of his proportions on Sunday.
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