'Tis the Season?

08/26/2006 10:53 pm
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I'm about ready to start punching people in the face if I have to keep hearing gushing comments like "I'm so glad it's finally football season." or "Did (insert NFL team) win last week?". IT IS NOT FOOTBALL SEASON AND THE FINAL SCORE OF A PRESEASON GAME IS IN AND OF ITSELF MEANINGLESS. It is solely baseball season at least until the end of August. After that itís kind of a mix of baseball and football in September and October which makes those months 2 of the best for sports fans in my opinion. Really, it's not NFL season until after Labor Day but college does start August 31st.

As far as the preseason goes, if youíre not a NFL scout or greater I donít want to hear your opinions on the game and player performances. In return I wonít offer mine, not that I have any because I probably didnít watch the game in the first place. Last weekend I was having a cookout with some friends and 2 of them (who will remain nameless mostly because no one else knows them anyway) were getting all excited for the Packerís preseason game that evening. One of them is a Red Sox (bandwagon) fan and since they were in the midst of being pounded by the Yankees I can at least accept that anything was looking better to him than baseball at that point. However the other friend is a Brewers fan and they played at the same time as the Packers and were 4 games out of the wild card race in mid-August. How would you not be infinitely more excited to watch the Brewers than the Packers in that situation (other than that the mediocrity of the entire National League sans New York is becoming rather depressing)?
fry6beeu9.jpgJeremy - Robots don't say 'ye'
08/27/2006 @ 09:44:05 PM
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I don't think you can blame people for not being excited about the Brewers. They're only in the wild card because EVERY team in the NL is in the wild card. .500 could net the Wild Card in the NL this year.

All that being said people are way too excited about preseason Packers. (Or intersquad scrimage Packers) It could be diehard fandom, I just think it's sad. :)
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