10/12/2003 11:46 am
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So everyone knows about the whole controversy about skipping through the opponent's pre game warmup with Sapp, right? Well did any one catch his interview on CBS? Stupid jerk. Yea the NFL is a slave system, uh huh. LaVar Arrington snitched on him alright. Oh wait no!!!!!!! Everyone has seen Sapp skip through opposing team's warm ups. Finally, the league had done something about it. Stupid Ass, calling Arrington a punk because he spoke up about something that's been pissing everyone off. Then CBS showed Sapp skipping today and he ran into a ref. Accident my ass. This guy is almost bad as Romanowski in my eyes now, maybe they're even tied. Wow, I'm glad I didn't catch the whole interview because wow. I can't even put it into words. GO PACK!
scott.jpgScott - 6225 Posts
10/12/2003 @ 10:34:29 PM
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Warran Sapp? More like Warran Suck. Sapp is the most self indulgent player in the league. He will be the first guy to tell you how good he is and will be the first one to shove it in your face and show no respect to you or the game of football. He's a joke and the NFL should take action for something that doesn't belong in the NFL. Something like frolicking around an opposing teams warmup sounds more like something that would happen in High School, or maybe the former XFL. Go home and grow up Sapp.
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