07/02/2003 11:06 am
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The Page 3 staff and I went to Valleyfair yesterday on our annual company outing. I just wanted to make every one thinking about going aware that apparently Valleyfair has 2 new policies for admissions.

  1. Only one out of every 25 females let into the park can be 18 or older.

  2. Every girl under the age of 18 must be wearing a bikini top and the smallest amount of cloth that can still qualify as a pair of shorts

Seriously though there was like no direction you could look without fear of getting arrested. Just thought I would give any of you guys headed to Valleyfair a heads up and any of you pedophiles out there a good tip.
question_mark.gifAnon. Nut Can Fan (Guest)
07/28/2003 @ 09:59:31 PM
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company outing? how lame.
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