04/02/2006 12:46 pm
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Honestly, I haven't been much of an NBA fan this year. But now that college hoops is almost done I plan on paying more attention. That was the lamest Final Four ever by the way.

The Bucks set an NBA record with only 2 turnovers last night. And Charlie Bell is the man. A Big Ten star who is just now getting his first chance to prove himself has played great over the last couple games. 7 double digit point totals in a row, 47% on 3s (17-36) in those games, AND 2 of those games he had double digit assists. Oh, and one of those games he had a triple double. TJ who? I wasn't real thrilled when they took him in 2003. Although it helped once he ditched his filty hair. But I just looked back at that draft, and even in retrospect there isn't really anyone that would have been a better pick (and not completely out of the blue) at the 8 spot. They should've traded up to 4 or 5 for Bosh or Wade. Mo Williams went 47th in that draft and he's arguably more important to the Bucks now than Ford.
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04/02/2006 @ 02:10:37 PM
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the Bucks set a franchise record on tuesday by hitting 18 3-pointers. They are looking better and better. I think ford is still pretty valuable. He isn't the scorer that Sam Cassel was, but when it comes to ball control and controlling the court, I think Ford is still well above average. And as far as quickness, I hear people comparing him to Allen Iverson. His durability might still be in question, however. Anyway, they probably won't make it out of the first round of the playoffs, but this was somewhat of a rebuilding year, I think.

But the NBA pretty much blows.
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