This is hilarious.

03/10/2006 11:19 am
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Ill add some of my own:

I was petrified the first time my mom said she'd ground me because I thought she meant she was going to bury me.

I once yelled at my mom for drinking a pepsi in the car because I'd heard you weren't supposed to drink and drive.

I would always get mad at my mom when I'd buy something with my own money, but would be a few cents short, so my mom would give the person a quarter and then keep the eventual change. Somehow it made perfect sense to me that I put in a dollar and she only added like 4 cents. I paid a much larger portion of it and therefor that change was rightfully mine.

Gremlins gave me nightmares for most of my childhood and I was angered years later to find it in the comedy section of a movie rental place. I was safe from the gremlins if my feet were covered though.
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