Censorship in the schools!!!

02/24/2006 4:20 pm
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The nerve of the principal to stop the presses on such an important issue!

Certainly the largely underage masses at this public institute of learning need to know everything they can about...what was the article about...are you kidding me?...sigh...some peoples kids.

Seriously though people, the stopping of any words, written or otherwise. isn't always "censorship." This article wouldn't get run in any print short of penthouse. This is a SCHOOL PAPER.

It shouldn't run just because "they are going to learn anyway" or because it's naive to think high schoolers aren't sexually active, so they may as well know how. I mean hell if that was the case just have a class on it right?

On the other hand it's a trade off (although one we'd rather not have I'm sure) because thanks to the literally epidemic rise of oral sex (which despite Matt's response to this that will be so formulaic I may as well type it myself in advance has nothing to do with Clinton) STD's and teen pregnancy are on a sharp decline. This still doesn't mean the schools should aid in dispensing pointers.

Schools now a days are so afraid of parents, and their lawyers, 6 year olds are getting charged with sexual harassment. Schools also are under fire for teaching safe sex practices in school. I highly doubt they should be expected to hand out BJ tips.

Don't get me wrong here, I think safe sex practices should be taught in school (and yes the "they're doing it anyway" logic applies here). Because teaching about safe sex practices is dispensing knowledge about an activity that if isn't happening in someones life now, will happen eventually. It's academic and is a far cry from health teachers giving "how to please your man" advice.
jon.jpgJon - 3375 Posts
02/24/2006 @ 07:35:05 PM
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I agree it's not really censorship, but I would have to challenge you on something else you say.

you said,

"...thanks to the literally epidemic rise of oral sex...STD's and teen pregnancy are on a sharp decline."

To say that the decline is due to more people having oral sex could be true, but I have to wonder out loud if it isn't also due to the fact that kids are actually becoming aware of things like STD's and the possibilities of becoming pregnant (even if you do it in a hot tub), and they also have access to birth control devices.

Furthermore, it's not a good tradeoff in many cases because you can still get STD's from oral sex, you just get them in a different area.

And although I am quite sure you're not advocating kids going out and having all the oral sex they can, I would be reluctant to be too thankful for the "epidemic" even if it contributes to some good consequences like fewer STD's and fewer pregnancies. I'm quite confident there are quite a few other unseen problems that such behavior is causing the young teens, whether they know it at the time or not.

But again, I'm not implying you think it's an overall good thing, I just wanted to say those things.
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fry6beeu9.jpgJeremy - 9475 Posts
02/24/2006 @ 09:47:55 PM
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Yeah, I was kidding about that anyway, obviously you aren't an avid viewer of "The Colbert Report"
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