09/20/2003 9:35 pm
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I just thought we needed a new blog entry. Sept 9th I bought the new John Mayer CD. I've been trying to like it ever since. His "room for squares" CD is just unbelievable. I knew that his sophomore hit could not even come close to its awesomeness. But this? It's awful. What made Room for Squares so good was that you could take any one of those songs and make it a single. All these new songs are just ramblings. The music is good, I suppose, but the lyrics are awful. He's also extremely cocky. He knows he's big now and just pastes it all over these new songs. I was disappointed with the last concert we went to and now I am disappointed with this new cd. At least I have BNL's new to look forward to in October. Let's see what else to complain about. Oh! Trading Spaces today. The new guy just put ugly on everything in a room, it was not good. And then beloved Doug made a prison out of a couple's room, toilets, bars, and all. I liked the bricks that were painted on but the rest was just laughable. And that's all the homeowner could do, laugh. I can't wait til the Oct 5th episode though. Trading Spaces.... making it cool to stay home on a Saturday night. :) Hey, when is someone going to write another article? We need some new substance here!
jeremy.jpgJeremy - Always thinking of, but never about, the children.
09/20/2003 @ 09:43:46 PM
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Aren't you a staffer too? Why do we have to write one? You write one. Besides we have lots of new content, lots of new guestbook activity, this blog, and most of all the weekly nfl picks. Word to your mother.
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