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01/02/2006 4:47 pm
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Well, the Badgers got whupped Saturday at Pittsburgh. I wasn't able to watch the whole game, but they just seemed overmatched physically. It was probably a good warm up game for them going into the Big Ten season though. Sure it's a loss on the resume, but to a ranked team on the road. I think the experience they gained outweighs the loss.

Memphis lost to Texas today while going 6-32 from downtown. That's just bad basketball. If guys aren't hitting 3s, the coaches need to get them to stop shooting and take it inside or something. There's no reason to ever miss 26 3s in one game.
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01/21/2006 @ 01:34:24 PM
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The Badgers lost to Ohio St on the road Wednesday, which wasn't a bad loss. But today they just crapped out against North Dakota St AT HOME. Landry and Steimsma haven't played the last two games and as far as I can find no one knows why other than "academic reason" and "unspecified medical reasons". Yes, they are still first in the Big Ten but things do not look good right now.
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