MN State Fair

09/02/2003 7:58 pm
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Well, The Minnesota State Fair 2003 is now over. As a service to anyone who may decide to attend the fair next year (Although I fail to see why people go to the fair at all) I will give you a heads up to 2 rules that the staff at the gates strictly enforce.

1. All attractive females aged 18-25, must be accompanied by their respective boyfriends.

2. All females aged 17 and under, must dress as slutty as possible.

So, plan early and make preperations for these 2 rules and your entry into The Minnesota State Fair 2004 will be a smooth one.
fry6beeu9.jpgJeremy - 9475 Posts
09/02/2003 @ 10:48:06 PM
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I think all girls under 18 are apparently made to dress as slutty as possible all the time. Obviously there isn't anyone manning the doors to their houses to enforce this, they're all just on the honor system I guess.
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