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04/07/2006 9:42 pm
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Best of Talk Soup is airing on E! Sunday at 9 central time. I have been waiting for this for about 5 years. (?????) I would even buy DVDs of John Henson on the Talk Soup. So... what's it going to be? It has to have some splat pig on it, chicken of varying degrees, (which of course involves the hunger strike with Dustin Hoffman) maybe the demise of Senor Sock because it was monumental, any other viewer mail is awesome, or the voicemail. Or just any spontaneous laughter was hilarious too. I wish it would just be a syndicated thing. I'm soooo excited!!! I wish it weren't still tax season, we should have a party and I wouldn't invite Tennessee!!!!!! Yeehaw!!! If Favre retires, this would almost make up for it. Did I just say that? Well, he's not going to retire. Plus, yea I think he is being a little selfish now, if he's all about being a team player, then why have we been so focused on him for the last 4 months? The team can't move on with decisions until he makes his own. He's always been a little distant and I don't know what I should expect out of him, but other players are more friendly and reach out more to the fans. Some acknowledgement would be nice. I'll be checking when I'm at work tomorrow.
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