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04/02/2006 9:05 pm
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At the risk of posting another "Jimmy Johns" blog I thought I'd tell you guys about Sarah and my day.

We went to the mall to buy some clothes. As we tried to find a parking spot a woman was walking to her car with 7-8 children. As if this wasn't odd enough they all stopped to get into a Ford Taurus. I don't know whether that's funny, assinine or scary.

After we parked a guy and his girlfriend parked next to us. By parked I mean whipped halfway across 3 spots at 40 mph. The 17 year old driver proceeded to flip out hitting the steering wheel several times and threw an all around hissy fit. He then stormed out of the car as his girlfriend yelled "Just calm down.", to which he answered "I'm not f@@king driving."

At this point Sarah and I were fleeing the scene.

After our shopping we went to my parents house to visit. No one was home, but the house was toilet papered and egged. Well Eggs stain if they stay on too long so we scrubbed off what we could.

Here's the deal kids. Egging and TPing are lame "pranks". The reason it's lame as hell is because you aren't burning the kid that lives there. The only people that give two craps are the homeowners. Apparently the people were caught because a neighbor wrote down the license plate number, but said they didn't do the eggs. Well I got soaking wet in a T-Shirt scrubbing egg off a house on a 42 degree, rainy, afternoon. So when I get pneumonia you can pay for the work I'll miss.
2887.gificbeast - 3619 Posts
04/02/2006 @ 10:05:38 PM
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Next time I have trouble falling asleep, I will come back to this blog because it is sure to bore anyone into an instant coma-like slumb...(drooling on keyboard).
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