MN State Fair, Day One

08/21/2003 11:31 pm
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So this guy comes into the Mail Call booth (sponsored by Page3), and head to toe he's dressed in Packer stuff. Packer hat, Packer sunglasses, Packer socks. His shoes were green and gold Reeboks, and he was wearing a green and gold jersey with some sort of Asian writing on it. It may or may not have said packers but it was green and gold none the less. It's one thing to dress up like that for a game, but dressing yourself like that on a normal day crosses the line from being a fan, to having some sort of disorder.

Fair Food consumed today: 1 order of Cheese Curds.

A side note about the Curds: I think either I have built up a tolerance over the past few years of working the fair, or they were reusing last year’s grease. Either way they just didn't hit the spot like usual.
sarah.jpgSarah - 4605 Posts
08/23/2003 @ 10:48:22 PM
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The Minnesota State Fair sucks.
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