Mayer, Crows and Toilet Paper

08/01/2003 2:10 am
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Sarah and I went to see the Vikings/Chiefs scrimmage as well as John Mayer and Counting Crows yesterday. It was rather uneventful. Counting Crows was good, John was ok but after seeing him 3 times on what is essentially one tour I guess it just got old. The highlight of the night was provided by John however as after one of his new songs no one ever heard had the crowd sitting (as a new song at any concert would) John said "I guess you guys aren't ready for that one yet...but your kids are going to love it." Sarah and I are pretty sure we're the only ones that got the reference.

I'm quite pissed right now because our house got toilet papered last night by some dumbasses that my brother caught in the act and ran down. After my parents came out my mom told them, clean it up and we won't do anything (not even call their parents) which my brothers couldn't believe. At any rate apparently they covered my car too which I was not pleased about but there wasn't a trace of it left...or so I thought. Luckily for me, but unluckily for them, as Sarah and I pulled in the driveway getting home from our busy driving filled day the headlights from Sarah’s car shined right up my muffler revealing a toilet paper plug in each muffler pipe. They weren’t loosely packed or near the end either, they were rolled, tightly packed, wads shoved so far up the pipes I could hardly reach either with my fingers. I managed to pull a pinch out at a time till it loosened and the whole plug came out. Sarah and I spent a good portion yesterday in the car including a slow moving traffic jam going into the Twin Cites around 5 p.m. Had we taken my car, which I thought about doing since I just put a new cd/mp3 player in it and kind of want to take it for a "road trip" of sorts, we could have easily suffocated and Lord knows what kind of damage would have been done to my car. Needless to say their parents if not the police are getting a call in the morning.
thumbnailCAW1I0O3.gifMatt - Washington Bureau Chief
08/02/2003 @ 01:24:57 AM
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Once on a MacGyver episode, MacGyver was trying to escape from some dudes, so he stuck a potato up the tailpipe of their car, causing the engine to blow. Ah... good times.
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