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Did Moss want out of Minnesota? Why did he walk off the field early? Those are the biggest questions in my mind right now. The only way I can possibly attempt to justify trading Randy Moss is if he made it clear to the Vikings that he no longer wanted to be there. Well, I guess a second possibility would be if Culpepper really wanted him gone, but Daunte has apparently denied this in the aftermath of the deal (though I still have my personal suspicions).

The fact of the matter is that in the NFL, it is basically impossible to get an equitable return when trading a superstar. That's just how it is. In the MLB (is it just me or is it weird to say "the MLB"?) or the NBA, teams swap All-Star caliber players all the time. Not so in the NFL. It is possible, Portis for Bailey is an example, but it is also rare, particularly when one team (read the Vikings) is actively seeking to basically unload their star. Such situations result in the swindling of the team that has too many superstars (). A #7 pick, a late-rounder, and some linebacker flop who is apparently a carbon copy of the linebackers who already wear that silly looking purple and gold. I know that the 3rd year is the magic year where WRs really begin to reach their potential, but I've never heard of the 4th year budding of LBs theory.

So, who are the winners and who are the losers in this trade? There are countless angles to attack this from and I'll choose the random fire approach. From the Raiders perspective it's really a hands-down victory. I see absolutely no conceivable argument against parting with what they did to get what they got. They still lack a running back, but who cares really. Line up Moss on one side, Porter on the other, whoever else they want in between and have Kerry Collins go off. They could easily still be the 4th best team in their division, but this trade is a move in the right direction.

Then there are the Vikings. This is much more complicated. The likely new owner had said that Moss was staying put, but then the current management goes and trades him. Sounds like a bad situation to me. Will the coaches and players miss Randy Moss the person, the distraction, the quitter? On the whole, I doubt it. Plus management wanted to get rid of him and they did, so on those too criteria I guess it's a victory. Will the Vikings be a better team or even an equal team after this trade? Absolutely, positively not! You can't trade away the best WR in the game (according to a SportsNation poll that was still open when I took it) and become a better team. Not possible. Without looking at stats and such and just going by what we all know is true, the Vikings were a better team last year when Moss was healthy and playing then when he was not. The problem with passing final judgment now is that a lot depends on what the Vikings do with that #7 pick and with who they can pick up in free agency. The early talk is that they will try to get Mike Williams or Braylon Edwards. Another option would be to use that pick to get a defensive player (I think there are a few NFC North fans who remember what defense is, mainly because we watch the Bears play a couple times each year.) Either way, this trade has resulted in another hole to fill with only another potential way to fill it.

In closing, I'd like to unleash my bias and say that from a Green Bay fan's perspective this is great. Since his rookie season Moss has always seemed to save his best performances for Green Bay games. This Harris guy and any available draftee will strike only a fraction of the fear in my heart as that of Moss. Also, just for the record, I'd like to make sure everyone knows that I voted for TO as the best WR. He has "the reputation" as well, but he has shown complete dedication to the Eagles and to winning and has put himself second. Moss has yet to do that, but maybe a fresh start will give him the chance he needs.
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