Reflections on a Semester

When I finally got some time to relax after first semester, I decided to take some time and gather some thoughts on the term.  Below are a few of these thoughts.  They're not necessarily related to school, not necessarily insightful, not necessarily funny or even entertaining  for that matter.  What they are is a   collection of thoughts related to  my experiences and memories of the first half of my junior year.  They are my reflections on a semester.  

Alright. I'll admit it.  I love a well-made smoothie.

You can talk all you want about the wonders of small class sizes, but if you like to occasionally sleep in, you should know this:  no one notices when you're absent from a giant lecture hall.

There are basically two kinds of people in this world:  Those who feel comfortable talking while using the bathroom facilities and those who don't.  But I don't think that we should judge others for their different views on the issue.

Speaking of  bathrooms...Wash your hands people!!!!!  I don't care what you think you did or did not touch, just wash your hands.

One of the little adjustments of entering "adulthood" that I find interesting:  Referring to my contemporaries as men and women rather than boys and girls (or guys and girls)

Shut up!!!!!  Dr. Phil's on!!!!!

That's right college can make major projects due only  in the last three weeks of the semester  

Easting pasta virtually every day isn't that bad.  Sub sandwiches, on the other  hand, are a totally different matter.

If you want to memorize something (like, say, the speech from Braveheart)  put it up in your bathroom.  Works wonders.

Honestly, people.  Soap and water.  It's that simple.    

"Take your pants and leave" has to be one of the funniest salutations ever.    

     -Jon thinks orange is an excellent color, but for his money, nothing beats blue.

scott.jpgScott Matson - 6225 Posts
09/01/2003 @ 06:49:15 PM
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I feel that the "Take your pants and leave" comment hits close to home. (or should I say close to camp)
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