Fixing the Olympics

Most Laker fans would rather see Shaq bring home the NBA championship trophy than the gold.
Yeah, the Olympics are great, but I think I could improve the games, and your enjoyment of them with one change. This wont solve all the problems of the Olympics, but it's a start.

If the Olympic games are not the high point of your sport, professional athletes should not be allowed to participate.

Athletes were allowed to go professional so that those competing could make a living and pay for their training while still being able to obtain their dream of competing in the Olympics. Nobody cares if a skier or gymnast wins one of the many events each year but, in the Olympics you do, and they become heroes. On the other hand I'm sure most Shaquille O'Neal fans would rather see the Lakers take home the NBA championship than team U.S.A. win the gold medal.

Sure the Dream Team in 1992 was great. It was the best players of a generation and was fun to watch. The last few "Dream Teams" though, have frankly sucked. There are many different events at both the summer and winter games. I'd rather watch some of those than see a bunch of current NBA punks blowout Angola in basketball.

-Matthew Pehler likes to lie in bed and watch the History Channel.
2887.gificbeast - 3619 Posts
01/25/2006 @ 06:56:53 PM
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The History Channel is great, but I disagree with this article.
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2887.gifAlex - But let history remember, that as free men, we chose to make it so!
01/31/2007 @ 08:59:09 PM
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Apparently I started a tradition of commenting on this article every year at this time, so I must continue to carry the torch.

I just gave this article 5 nuts because it has actually become better with age in that the new "Dream Teams" actually do continue to suck.

Although as many sports league become more global this article actually makes less sense. Or more sense? I don't even know. The X games are even more worthless though.
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