10/05/2003 3:16 pm
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I had to make a few comments about the game I just watched, The Pack VS the Seahawks. Holmgren's team was 3-0 coming into this game and you just figured that he had the edge over my team, since he knows like everything about the packers. The Packers went out and dominated the game. I know they played well against the Bears last Monday but this was a very good team they were up against and they did extremely well. It did however, take the defense half the game to get into it. Very impressed though with the cornerbacks throughout the game. I'm pretty sure I saw Butler on the sidelines, so gotta give a shout out to him. Also a big shout out to Henderson who had two huge catches along with a TD catch! Kudos! I know it shouldn't irk me, because broadcasters have to know a lot of stuff about many teams, and I just know stuff about basically one team, but they could get simple facts right. They said Torrance Marshall was coming back from a 12 week suspension, where, if that had been the case, he wouldn't started playing again til week 13. He had a 4 week suspension, which is why he came back in week 5. Just because we have a few guys with long hair doesn't mean they should be mixed up. Al Harris and Mike McKenzie are two different people. I had to laugh though, when Fox cuts in with updates on the lower part of the screen and they were showing information about the Cardinal/Cowboys game. On the bottom of the screen it said something to this effect: Dal: E. Smith out with dislocated shoulder. Someone should let these guys know that E. Smith plays for the Arizona Cardinals now. I'm pretty sure that was big news earlier this year. Anywho.
The broadcasters for the Packer/Seahawks game were saying that Green Bay is now Ahman Green's team. I'm a bit flabbergasted on that one. Yes, when he runs for over 100 yards we are 17-0. But, in order to win games, you need to be more than one dimensional. You can't throw the ball every single play because you are not going to win that way. I've got nothing but love for Ahman Green, he's an excellent player, but this is Favre's team. Let's not forget that. He's the leader. He makes the games enjoyable, I got a chuckle out of him "blocking" for I think Fisher on his TD run and Favre was like way behind Fisher so in effect he didn't really do anything, but when Fisher crossed the goal line he ran up and and tried to block the guy that was already on top of Fisher. Hilarious. Then he got into a fight with one of their safeties and it totally rattled their defense. I truly enjoy watching Favre play. Ahman is a joy to watch as well but he's not the team. How about that 58 yard FG by Seattle? Hawthorne came in with a sack right at the end of the 2nd quarter to push the seahawks way back and their kicker still makes the kick! wow. Ok I think that's it for now. I wish the Vikings would lose already, this is starting to bug me. I'm out.
scott.jpgScott - 6225 Posts
10/05/2003 @ 08:38:00 PM
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This is still Favre's team. I know he's struggled so far this year, but what's hidden is that he leads the NFC in touchdown passes. He now has 9. And even though his rating is still a little low, he is starting to perform the way he is capable of.

Speaking of Green, he leads the NFC in rushing yards and rushing TD's, is second in the NFL in yards only to Jamal Lewis. It is true that Favre does good because Green establishes the running game, but Green does not get yards if Favre doesn't strike fear into the secondary. We saw this last year against Tampa Bay. Favre couldn't get into a groove and threw 3 or 4 ints (I forget how many) and Green could not get anything going on the ground because of this.

I realize that all of this probably is boring and doesn't really matter, but still. I just thought I'd support Sarah's point.
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